Mit Ducati: Gresini MotoGP-Team 2022

2022 kann kommen: Enea Bastiannini, Nadia Padovani Gresini, Febio di Giannantonio.

Das Team Gresini Racing MotoGP wurde heute weltweit per Streaming vorgestellt. Nach sieben Jahren als Aprilia-Einsatzteam kehrt die Mannschaft des verstorbenen Gründers Fausto Gresini als Independant-Team in die Königsklasse der MotoGP zurück, unter der Leitung von Teambesitzerin Nadia Padovani Gresini. Piloten sind der Italiener Enea Bastianini und MotoGP-Rookie Fabio Di Giannantonio. Beide werden 2022 eine Ducati Desmosedici GP21 fahren.

ENEA BASTIANINI #23: »The new colours of the bike are very particular, when I saw it first it appears a little strange to me, but now that I see it live I can say it is amazing. Such a great bike can’t be but fast. In about twenty days we’ll be leaving for the tests, luckily it is just a short time because I’m way too excited to be back on my Ducati. I already met the team during the first test last year. We had the chance to know each other better and to work together, and I can firmly say that I have a super team. I think it is going to be a very interesting season, I’m sure we’ll achieve great results. I can’t wait for the season to begin.«

FABIO DI GIANNANTONIO #49 »2022 is just around the corner. It will be my first season in MotoGP and it will be so cool! I will have a lot to learn, my expectation is to grow race by race and who knows, we’ll may be able to collect even some great achievements. In a bit we’ll be back on track for the test, we’re going in Malaysia and Indonesia is following. I can’t wait to ride again this beautiful beast. The winter break is always too long, I’m counting the days, the hours! And the bike is spectacular, maybe the most beautiful I’ve ever ride, the most beautiful I’ve ever seen. With that unique main color it looks like a bike of the 70’s, retrò style, on track we’ll be recognizable for sure. Particular, original, beautiful. A unique emotion.«


NADIA PADOVANI GRESINI »We’re finally presenting a project we strongly believed in and one we have been working non-stop for during the last year. We’re very motivated and we ended up being the first MotoGP team to present itself; plus, I believe our bikes are beautiful – and I hope all the others will like them, too. I would like to think Fausto is looking at us from above and that is proud of his family. There is almost no distinction between natural and work families, we’re one. I must say that I saw both Diggia and Enea in great shape and eager to start: we’re aiming at being among the protagonists and show up at the parc fermé sometimes.«

Letztjährige Werks Desmosedici GP21.

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