Valentino Rossi vor dem Abschied

Valentino Rossi und die Bikes, mit denen er seine 9 WM-Titel gewann.

Das Ende einer Ära naht. Valentino Rossi bestreitet am Wochenende beim Valencia-GP das letzte Rennen seinen langen Karriere als Motorrad-Rennfahrer. Hier einige Zitate im O-Ton aus der Abschiedspressekonferenz von heute (Donnerstag): 

How is he feeling?
Valentino Rossi: „It’s a particular season especially in the second part after I said it’s my last one. The last race is… I want to try and make it normal but it’s not possible. It’s a great emotion, and already from today to see all the bikes together, all the riders from MotoGP here all together is a great feeling. We’ll see! I’ll try to give the maximum during the weekend, I hope we can have good weather, especially for Sunday, and we’ll see!“

How was it seeing all his title-winning bikes together?
VR46: „I have the bikes at home except the Hondas, I have the Aprilias and Yamahas, the Yamahas are in my house. The 2004 model is in my bedroom. Every morning what I wake up I see the bike, but all together like this is a great emotion. It’s a long long way if you look at the first one it’s a really long time ago. And if you consider that after the last one there was another ten years… it’s a long time and a great emotion.“

Announcing retirement vs actually retiring…
VR46: „From Austria when I said it, I had a lot of great messages and support from all the other riders, now, and from the past. All my rivals, this is very good. It was great. I always imagined this Press Conference, and here in Valencia… a special place and the opposite for me, a not special place at the same time. It’s strange, a strange feeling but I’ll try to act normal because normally Valencia is a good moment for everyone, it means holidays start after a long season, and everyone is ready to stay at home a bit… but you always think that from Monday, it will be different. Another life. I’ve tried to not think a lot in this way, because I’ll also continue to race, with cars as a driver in this case. But I’ll try to enjoy it because for sure life when you’re not a MotoGP rider anymore will change.“

VR46: Abschied in Gelb.
Die aktuellen MotoGP-Kollegen zollten Rossi ihren Respekt.

Fotos: Dorna/Diego Sperani


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