Jonathan Rea: 100 Superbike-WM-Siege!


Fantastische Leistung: 100 Laufsiege in der Superbike-WM! Diesen Meilenstein schaffte heute der sechsfache Weltmeister und Kawasaki-Pilot Jonathan Rea mit dem Start-Ziel-Sieg im ersten Rennen beim Superbike-WM-Auftakt in Aragon/Spanien.

100 Superbike-WM-Siege sind eine saubere Nummer: Jonathan Rea.

Jonathan Rea: »We reached 100 race wins today and it was done with a lot of hard work. Over the off season Kawasaki really dug in with a new bike and we were able to make a step. Also in the off season I worked hard on myself and I know I improved in all areas. I was born with the dream of racing motorbikes, and going with my parents to ride around Motocross tracks in 1993, ’94. The history is mad. Getting the opportunity to come to the world championship, in 2008 in Supersport, and straight away after my rookie season going to Superbike. Taking my first race win at Misano in 2009 as a rookie and now with 100 wins… It’s mad! Each and every race win is special, and I have never been a statistics guy, but when I was closing in on 100 wins that was a big goal. It is such a cool number and a career landmark. I am very proud of it. We had been a little bit unlucky in the winter tests with bad weather but my team have left no stone unturned and turned up at every test we could. They reorganised and rescheduled things so huge thanks to all the staff. Not only the management but all the mechanics and their families for making this sacrifice. We have been away from home so long this off season, often for no laps, but we are in a good position now. To win the first race starts our championship off 25 points better than last year! That was a good way to start.«

Rea und Kawasaki schreiben Geschichte.

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