Aprilia MotoGP Team 2020

Andrea Iannone, Massimo Albesiano, Bradley Smith, Massimo Rivola, Fausto Gresini, Aleix Espargaro, Aprilia RS-GP 2020.

Aprilia traut sich was – einige Bilder, ein paar Statements der Großkopferten und fertig ist die Präsentation zur Saison 2020. Auf jeden Fall waren die Eindrücke zur komplett neuen MotoGP-Waffe Aprilia RS-GP nach den ersten Tests in Sepang positiv bis überschwenglich, demnächst in Katar beim WM-Auftakt wird die Performance eine bessere Einordnung erlauben. Zu Andrea Iannone und den Doping-Vorwürfen gab es keine weiteren Infos, auch nicht dazu ob Testfahrer Bradley Smith als Einsatzfahrer zum Zuge kommt. Einweilen die Stimmen der verantwortlichen Herren Rivola, Albesiano und Gresini.

MASSSIMO RIVOLA, APRILIA RACING CEO »This has been the longest winter of recent years for Aprilia Racing. The guys and girls in the racing department put forth a truly incredible effort. Arriving in Sepang with two prototypes was already a small victory for us. In the first test, the new RS-GP showed good signs, so we need to pick up from there to build our new season. I said it before, and I’ll confirm it again: we cannot expect a clear path. We will most likely have a complicated early part of the season with an bike that is very much still wet behind the ears, but I am certain that from mid-season, we will be able to see the true value of the hard work done in Noale. Hopefully Andrea we’ll have Andrea with us soon and be able to complete, along with Aleix and Bradley, our trio of rider

Das Team für 2020: Da ist ordentlich Leben in der Aprilia-Box.

ROMANO ALBESIANO, APRILIA RACING TECHNICAL DIRECTOR: »For Aprilia Racing, the 2020 RS-GP represents and unique technical challenge. The new bike was created by taking the cardinal concepts of the racing department and reworking them in light of the experience accumulated in recent seasons. It is an innovative prototype in many aspects, beginning with the clearly visible ones, and this confirms the attitude of Aprilia Racing, which boasts technological innovation as its primary value. As with any redesign, it will take a period of refinement. We have had an extremely heavy workload over the last few months, but I am absolutely satisfied with the result achieved. This is a satisfaction that I am pleased to share with the Noale work group.«

FAUSTO GRESINI, TEAM MANAGER: »Hearing that the riders liked the new bike straight away in the Malaysian tests was the first bit of good news for our 2020 season. Aprilia Racing’s efforts were incredible and are a demonstration of desire and dedication for this championship. The beginning will not be simple. The bike is very young and obviously needs to be developed. But, I believe that the strength of a team can be seen precisely in times like these, when we need to close ranks and all set our sights on the same objective. After the enthusiasm over a good début, we’ll wait to see the response of other tracks, beginning with Qatar. We all need to stay focused on a single ambition: taking this project as high as possible.«

Die neue Aprilia RS-GP.

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