Video: Motos in Moab 2016


Cowboy-Decke aufschnallen und losreiten, so sollte es doch sein oder? Das Video »Motos in Moab« geht unter die Haut, weil es die Stimmung dieses Desert-Events dokumentarisch verdichtet und gefühlvoll einfängt.

Produziert wurde es von der Agentur Red Olive, die dazu folgende Infos anbietet: »Every year, moto enthusiasts flock to Moab, Utah — it’s a retreat into the red desert for riders of every ilk. We knew we would have great video opportunities, but the reality exceeded our wildest expectations. We took a documentary approach and planned as little as possible to let the action unfold freely. The team rolled into camp with the latest in drones, camera stabilizers, and low light video technology to capture the night – when the true spirit of Motos in Moab emerges. Our videographer disappeared into the action and emerged a few days later to shake the dust out of the camera and get to work on the raddest motorcycle video of 2016.«

»Red Olive is a Digital Agency located in Sandy, Utah. Our office is comprised of the top designers, marketers, technologists, and strategists. We have tripled in size from 2011 to 2014, and we’re just getting started. There’s no top heavy corporate structure and no big egos – intra-office ping-pong rivalry would sort that out in no time…«

Video von Red Olive via Youtube

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