Casey Stoner: Erster Ducati-Test in Sepang


Stoner, Luigi Dall’Igna (Technik-Direktor), Paolo Ciabatti (Sporting + MotoGP-Director), 2015er Desmosedici.

Vor den IRTA-Tests für die MotoGP-Stammpiloten in Sepang (1.-3. Februar) trat Casey Stoner am Samstag erstmals als Ducati-Testpilot an. Der zweifache MotoGP-Weltmeister im Ruhestand, der zuletzt in Valencia 2010 eine Ducati Desmosedici pilotiert hatte, drehte am Samstag 54 Runden auf einem 2015er Bike. Seine beste Rundenzeit dabei: 2.02.1 min. Michele Pirro, der reguläre Ducati-Testpilot drehte am Samstag nur wenige Runden mit einer 2016er Desmosedici, die mit speziellen Sensoren und Meßapparaturen an der Hinterradschwinge ausgerüstet war. Danach absolvierte der Italiener Tests zum Benzinverbrauch. Am Sonntag drehte nur Pirro weiter Testrunden, Stoner legte einen Ruhetag ein. Wenn an den drei offiziellen Testtagen diese Woche die Stammpiloten ausrücken, auch die der anderen Marken Honda, Yamaha, Aprilia etc, soll Stoner zumindest an einem der Tage wieder in den Sattel klettern und weitere Runden drehen.


Hier die offiziellen Statements der beiden Ducati-Testfahrer, so authentisch wie möglich im Orginalton:

Casey Stoner (Ducati Desmosedici GP #27)

»It’s been a really good experience today with the Ducati Team. I wasn’t too sure what to expect but everybody has been fantastic, welcoming me and working with me to try and get the best out of myself and this bike. I need some time to get back to speed and get the feeling back, because I haven’t ridden a MotoGP bike for one year and any bike at all for six months. It was a very productive first day, we got comfortable with the bike and the tyres a lot more quickly than I thought I would. We’ve got a lot of things to test and get myself a little bit more acquainted with the bike but generally I’m very happy. The Desmosedici GP has a lot of potential, hopefully we can give the right input and help the two Andreas to try and achieve something great this year. I’m pretty happy and surprised with my lap time to be honest, hopefully the next day we can be a bit more comfortable after sleeping on it. It’s been fantastic working with Gabriele (Conti) again and with Marco (Palmerini) and Gigi (Dall’Igna): everyone has been really professional. So far, so good!«


Michele Pirro (Ducati Desmosedici GP #51)

»Today I only did a few laps because the schedule only included a test of electronic components followed by one for fuel economy, so once I had finished my work, the team concentrated on Casey’s debut. Tomorrow we’ll do a few more things before the first of the three days of official tests that get underway on Monday. The feeling is good and even on Wednesday we managed to do a good job. I am sure that we can get some good results, and having tested both Iannone’s and Dovizioso’s bikes I feel confident, despite the fact that the track conditions here are not very good.«

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